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Garden Beds Designed for Durability

The Handy Bed raised garden beds offer the ability to move the bed if the gardener wishes. This is just one feature these garden beds have that others do not. If you have ever tried to relocate other types of garden beds, you know they don't hold up. Handy Beds can be relocated even after being in place for years. The reason for this is its unique design and assembly.

Wooden beds warp and rot, and the corners will not remain square if you attempt to lift and move them. Other types of garden beds also have issues with durability. Moving them causes corners to loosen and the beds can lose their shape.

Assembling the Handy Bed properly with its corner brackets and stainless steel screws gives it the stability and strength to withstand lifting it from its current location and placing it in a new area without any changes to its appearance and no need to disassemble and reassemble it.

Only the corner brackets have pre-drilled holes. There are no pre-drilled holes in the side boards of the Handy Beds in order for the corner brackets to be secured with maximum strength to the boards. The threads of the screws have more grip on the board than if there were open holes for the screws. For this reason, it is best to use a cordless drill with a #2 size Phillips head bit during assembly. Be sure that you are using the correct Phillips bit or you risk stripping the screw heads out. It is important to follow the very simple assembly instructions provided with your Handy Bed. Improper assembly will result in a bed that is not square, will not stack and is not as durable.

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