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The Many Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds offer several benefits and the Handy Bed from Cook Products give you even more!

  • Space and Options - All raised beds give you more control over the location of your garden. The Handy Bed adds the option of many sizes that can allow a gardener to plant in even smaller spaces. In addition, Handy Beds are easily stack-able providing the added option of increased depth. Because of their design, they are also durable enough to be relocated as the gardener wishes.

  • Easier to Manage- Raised garden beds allow the gardener to reach all the plants easily for watering, weeding, pruning and picking

  • The Soil - Gardeners can choose soil according to the needs of the plants or flowers in each bed.  If you plant directly into the ground, you must till the soil, amend it according to needs, and weed it frequently. There is also the potential that the existing soil could be contaminated or simply poor quality for gardening.

  • Improved Drainage - Raised garden beds allow for better drainage than an in ground garden which can save that garden during times of excessive precipitation.

  • Attractive - Raised beds are generally more attractive than traditional in ground gardens and Handy Beds are more attractive than most! Click "The Best Raised Garden Beds" tab from the Handy Bed menu to see a gallery of photos.

  • Less Weeds - Because you chose the soil, you can potentially have nearly no weeds at all. Raised beds can also be lined with landscape fabric and/or placed on concrete to further reduce the chance of weeds.

  • Earlier Planting - Raised bed gardening season starts earlier because the soil will warm quicker than the ground.

  • Better Production- Again, due to the option of choosing your soil, yields are generally better.

  • Walks Through the Garden - Raised bed gardens allow walking through your garden without actually walking on it. This provides opportunities to show off your garden to visitors up close without the risk of stepping on plants or flowers, or muddy shoes!

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