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The making of a Handy Bed Garden

We believe the Handy Bed raised garden bed is the most durable and versatile garden bed on the market.


From the high grade exterior vinyl, to the stainless steel screws securing the corners, these beds are built to last a lifetime. Other beds with dovetail or no tools required assembly are simply reduced in strength, portability, durability and longevity.


With 11 different sizes of Handy Beds available, the possibilities created by stacking beds of the same size and the number of arrangements and configurations that can be devised by devoted gardeners is almost limitless.


When building gardens with Handy Beds, the only limits are the available space, sunlight, and your imagination.


If you have built your garden with multiple Handy Beds, or simply employed Handy Beds in novel ways in your garden, please let us know.

We may add some photos of your garden to our photo gallery, or you may want to share photos of your garden in a post to one of our social media pages.

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