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Installing your Handy Post and mailbox for maximum rigidity

  • Future of the Mailbox  with online shopping on a seemingly endless climb, larger mailboxes are going to be necessary to hold more and larger packages than ever before. The Handy Post Solo is designed with the future in mind and will accommodate ANY size mailbox.

  • Six components of a total Handy Post installation 

1) treated wood 4"x 4"x 72" post

2) 40-60 lb bag of concrete mix

3) Handy Post kit 

4) Mailbox  

5) Mailbox mounting plate

6) 1 1/4" drywall screws

  • Tools required  Post hole digger, spade, shovel, level, tape measure, cordless drill, #2 Phillips bit, #3 square bit

  • Installing your Handy Post  All Handy Post styles are designed to fit as a sleeve down over a wooden 4x4. If you have an existing wooden 4x4 setup, you can leave it in place and modify it accordingly to accept the Handy Post of your choice.

  • If you are starting from scratch, you need to dig a hole (spaced properly back from the road edge according to USPS rules. Ask your local Post Office) 10 inches round x 24 inches deep. Install a treated, wooden 4x4x72 inch post 24 inches in the ground and 48 inches above (for models Handy Post, HP Double and HP for 4), and 30 inches in the ground and 42 inches above (for models 1, SL, Solo, HP2, HP3, HP3XL, HP4L and HP5). You could also put 24 inches in the ground and cut the top down to 42 inches. The 42 inches (but no more) is critical for the 1, SL, Solo, HP2, HP3, HP3XL, HP4L and HP5 systems because when the wood post is at exactly or near 42 inches, all of the necessary screws will engage the wood and result in Maximum Rigidity for these systems. Level the post on all sides. Pour one 40-60 lb bag of concrete mix in the hole and around the wood post. Level again. Allow the wooden post and concrete to set up accordingly. Slide your Handy Post vertical sleeve down over the wooden 4x4 until it hits the ground. Use (1) of the #3 square head stainless steel screws and secure the upright at its base near the ground. Bring your Handy Post arm down over the upright to your desired location and height (the 1, SL, Solo, 2, 3, 3XL, 4L and 5 are not adjustable). Most USPS regulations say your mailbox bottom should be between 41 and 45 inches from the ground. Once you have the desired arm height located, secure the arm (except for the SL model) with the other four #3 square head screws (2 on each side of the arm in the pre-drilled holes). Insert the two 5 inch end caps into each end of the arm if desired. They should fit snug, but you can add a touch of PVC cement for a more secure fit. Be sure to not get any cement on the on the outside of the cap or arm as it will turn yellow from the sun.  


  • Installing your mailbox mounting plate and mailbox  Most all mailboxes that are supported by a post require a mailbox mounting plate (not provided with the Handy Post). The mailbox mounting plate is screwed down onto the post top/arm, and your mailbox sits over this plate and then you screw your mailbox onto this plate through the screw holes at the base of the mailbox. You can find several different mounting plates at your local big box home improvement center. They come in wood, plastic or metal versions. The problem with these mounting plates is they are ALL made for the small/standard size mailboxes (6 inches wide).  Therefore, when you try to attach a large/extra large/jumbo size mailbox, there will be a 2-3 inch gap between the the edge of the box base and the mounting plate all the way around. This tends to reduce the rigidity of the system. For Maximum Rigidity, measure the exact dimensions underneath the bottom of your mailbox. Go to your local big box lumber center and purchase a piece of pine 1x board in the Wood Project area that is big enough (ie - 1'x2'x1" or 2'x2'x1") to cut out the full size needed to fit underneath your mailbox with a jigsaw (see photos above). This custom wood mounting plate will allow the mailbox to fit snug over the board and add strength with no gap between the box and the board for a much more stable system. We suggest using at least (4) 1 1/4 inch drywall screws to attach your mounting plate to the arm, as the coarser thread grips the vinyl better than fine thread. When attaching your mailbox to the mounting board you could still use the drywall screws, but if your box is white, these may rust over time and become unsightly. You may want to purchase stainless steel screws instead.   NOTE: be sure to leave a 1/4 inch gap between the upright and the mounting board so your mailbox will fit down over and around the whole board.


  • Finished Product  Any Handy Post style you choose will add an elegant appeal to your neighborhood curb. When installed properly, you will have a very rigid system that will last an entire lifetime and look as good as the day it was installed with minimal effort.

      Handy Post for 5Handy Post Combo

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