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Why the Handy Bed?

Growing vegetables and/or ornamental gardens in raised garden beds has become very popular in recent years.

Raised garden beds enable gardeners to overcome space limitations and create beautiful gardens and bountiful harvests in places that are usually considered to be inhospitable or unsuited for gardening.

Other advantages that raised garden beds afford gardeners include easier access to plants, less soil compaction, fewer weeds to pull, and no slugs or snails to deal with.

To learn how Handy Bed vinyl raised garden beds can further enhance your adventures in gardening, consider these advantages:

  • Choice  We offer eleven different sizes of Handy Beds, from the Mini (8.5" x 25") to the 4x4 (48" x 48"), with nine other sizes in between. (Links to the other nine sizes may be found in the Handy Beds menu at the top of this page.)

  • Square Foot Gardening  Our product line of 1x3, 2x3 and 3x3 Handy Beds are based around square foot gardening. These beds have exact 12", 24" and 36" inside dimensions. There are many resources available (books, documents, products, etc.) regarding square foot gardening. The theory is that you can produce a higher crop yield in a smaller space with proper plant spacing. We have tried and really like the Seeding Square product for proper square foot spacing. You can see it at It is also shown in the photos for these three beds on this website. 

  • Stackable  Any assembled Handy Bed can be stacked on top of another assembled Handy Bed of the same size to increase soil depth by 6 inches. Unlike other raised garden beds you might find, Handy Beds can be easily stacked without the use of adapters or additional parts placed between them. With the Handy Bed, when you want a deeper garden bed, all you need to do is stack another Handy Bed of the same size on top.

  • Durability  You cannot find a raised garden bed that is more durable or that will retain its good looks longer than a Handy Bed. All Handy Beds are made of high-grade exterior vinyl that will last through hot summers, cold winters, and will never fade in the sun's UV rays. The Handy Bed will not rust, rot, peel, flake, blister, or corrode, and is impervious to salt air and moisture.

  • Value  When it comes to raised garden beds, it's hard to find a material that provides better value for the price than vinyl. Other garden beds cannot match the Handy Bed's durability, life span, or portability. 


  • Maintenance  Keeping your Handy Bed clean is simple. Let the rain do the job or use water from a garden hose. For stubborn stains, you may use soap and water.

  • Portability  Moving an assembled Handy Bed can be easily done.The smallest Handy Bed weighs 4 lbs. and the largest weighs 10 lbs. The video, Relocating the Handy Bed, shows how one man moved a 4x4. Of course, moving the soil was another matter– he needed a shovel and a wheelbarrow for that job.

  • Assembly  The simple design of our raised garden beds requires few tools for assembly. You will need a cordless drill with a #2 phillips drive bit and an elevated flat table or workbench. The lightweight components can easily be handled and assembled by one person in minutes.

  • Creativity  Multiple Handy Beds can be stacked and arranged in an almost limitless number of configurations. You can create tiers by stacking some beds at one height, and others at other heights. You can combine different-sized Handy Beds to fit different spaces. You can surround a lamppost or other lawn and garden objects with stacked Handy Beds filled with ornamental plants. When building gardens with Handy Beds, the only limits are the available space, sunlight, and your imagination.  

  • Warranty  All Handy Beds come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click this link to see the Cook Products warranty (PDF)

  • Paintable  You can find spray paints that adhere and bond to plastics in hardware and home improvement stores. If you decide to paint your Handy Bed, make sure to use a product that specifies on the can "can be used on plastic."  Painting your Handy Bed will void its warranty. But if you use a paint made for use on plastics, chances are you will still be able to enjoy your Handy Bed, in your preferred color, for a lifetime.

  • To learn more about Handy Beds, see the pages devoted to each of the eleven models (listed in the Handy Beds menu at the top of this page), or the Handy Bed FAQs page.  

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