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Handy Post Combo

  • Dimensions  The vertical post of the Handy Post Combo measures 4" x 4" x 54". The Combo has two horizontal arms. Each arm measures 5" x 5" x 24".

  • Two arms  With two arms, the Handy Post Combo affords you more flexibility than a typical mailbox post or signpost. Each arm is installed separately and can be arranged in one of two ways: you can arrange them either in a line or perpendicular to each other.

  • In a line  If you mount the arms in a line, you will have 18" of length on the higher arm top to work with; on the lower arm top you will have 16" of length to work with. You may mount a mailbox on one arm and a sign on the other. The choice is yours. 

  • Perpendicular  If you mount the arms perpendicular to each other, there will be 18" of length on the upper arm on which to mount a mailbox. You can also leave this arm uncapped and use it as a newspaper receptacle. Small and medium-sized mailboxes look best on a Handy Post Combo. The lower arm will have 16" of length. A Handy Post Combo is also an excellent place to secure a planter or a bird feeder, or both, in your yard.   

  • Finial  The Handy Post Combo comes with a 4" internal cap at the top of the post. You can easily replace that cap with a finial of your choice. You may find a variety of 4" finial caps at home improvement stores. We sell a traditional, white vinyl, Gothic Cap finial.    

  • Installation  If your current mailbox or signpost is secured to a wooden 4x4 post, you can either modify your post or use it as-is to install the Handy Post Combo over it. For the details of how this is done, see the Handy Post Combo installation instructions (PDF).    

  • Warranty  The Handy Post Combo comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click this link to see the Cook Products Warranty (PDF).    

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