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Why the Handy Post?

No matter which model you choose, the vinyl Handy Post will enhance the appearance of any home, business, or housing development at an affordable price.

The Original Handy Post will transform a typical drab-looking wooden mailbox post into an attractive and stylish mailbox post. Or, it can serve as a simple and stylish way to display an address or business sign.

The Handy Post 1, Solo and Sleeve are designed to hold a single mailbox of any size. Larger mailboxes are the way of the future as online shopping continues to grow.

The Handy Post Double, Handy Post 2Handy Post 3, Handy Post 3XL, Handy Post 4, 4L and Handy Post 5, not only have stylish flair, but are designed to hold multiple mailboxes.

The Handy Post Combo is designed to hold a mailbox on one arm and display a sign or hold a planter or other accessory on the other arm.

Here are more reasons to consider installing a Handy Post on your property.

  • Multi-functional  You may use the Original Handy Post and the Handy Post Combo either as a mailbox post or a signpost, or as both at the same time. In addition, the arms of these posts can serve as newspaper receptacles if you so choose.

  • Durability  You cannot find a better or more economical way to protect and extend the life of your wooden mailbox post. The vinyl Handy Post will not rust, rot, peel, flake, blister, or corrode. Vinyl is impervious to road salt, salt air, and moisture. The Handy Post is made of high-grade exterior vinyl that will last through hot summers and cold winters, and will never fade in the sun's UV rays.

  • Adjustable  You can easily secure a Handy Post arm(s) at any height up to 54" above the ground after the post is set. Which makes installation a lot easier than with other posts you might buy. Many mailbox posts or signposts require setting the arm before the vertical post is set. Note: The Handy Post Sleeve, Solo, 1, 2, 3, 3XL, 4L and 5, unlike the others, are not adjustable.

  • Ease of installation  All Handy Posts are installed over a 4x4 wooden post or a no-dig assembly. Tools required are a cordless drill with a #3 square head driver bit (or a #3 square head driver) and a tape measure. Installation over a post or a no-dig assembly can be accomplished in minutes. Note: The HP Sleeve MUST fit over a wood 4x4 exactly 42" above the ground.  

  • Finial  All Handy Posts (except for the Handy Post Sleeve, Solo, 1, 2, 3, 3XL, 4L and 5) come with a low profile 4" internal cap at the top of the post. This can be easily replaced with an attractive finial of your choice. You may find a variety of finials at home improvement stores–from various traditional vinyl caps, to solar caps, to low voltage LED caps, and more. We sell a traditional vinyl Gothic Cap.

  • Maintenance  Keeping your Handy Post clean is simple. Let the rain do the job or you can use water from a garden hose. For stubborn stains, use soap and water.

  • Warranty  All Handy Posts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click this link to see the Cook Products Warranty (PDF)

  • Paintable  You can find spray paints that adhere and bond to plastics in hardware and home improvement stores. If you decide to paint your Handy Post, make sure to use a product that specifies on the can "can be used on plastic."  Painting your Handy Post will void its warranty. But if you use a paint made for use on plastics, chances are you will still be able to enjoy your Handy Post, in your preferred color, for a lifetime.

  • To learn more about Handy Posts, see the pages devoted to each of the five Handy Post models (listed in the Handy Posts menu at the top of this page), or here, at the Handy Post FAQs page.  

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