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  •  Dimensions  All Handy Beds are 6" deep. You can increase the depth of any Handy Bed by stacking one or more Handy Beds of the same size onto it. The Handy Bed 1x4 is (tied with the Handy Bed 2x2 as) our fourth-largest raised garden bed. It measures 12" x 47.25" on the exterior, and 10" x 45" on the interior.

  • Capacity  To fill a single, unstacked Handy Bed 1x4 requires three 40 lb. sacks of topsoil (2 cubic feet).

  • Best uses   The Handy Bed 1x4 fits very well, by itself, in dedicated garden spaces, on lawns, patios, decks, porches, in tiered arrangements or in other configurations with larger and smaller Handy Beds.

  • Assembly  For details on how to assemble the Handy Bed 1x4, see the Handy Bed 1x4 Assembly instructions (PDF). To watch how-to-assemble videos on our YouTube channel, just click on the YouTube logo below. 

  • Warranty  All Handy Beds come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click this link to see the Cook Products Warranty (PDF).

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