Handy Bed FAQs

Will I have to drill holes to assemble my Handy Bed?

No, you do not have to drill holes to assemble a Handy Bed. The corner brackets have pre-drilled holes for screw placement. The screw is self-tapping and, once you start it in the pre-drilled hole, it will engage the board with ease. We recommend that you use a cordless drill with a #2 Phillips bit for this job. Be sure to follow the assembly instructions to ensure that you mount the corner brackets to the boards properly.

Do Handy Bed raised garden beds have bottoms?

No. Raised garden beds do not have bottoms, only perimeters.

What can I put at the bottom of my Handy Bed to protect the surface of my deck?

There are two ways to prevent the soil in your raised garden bed from staining the surface of your deck (or porch or patio or floor). First, you can buy a garden bed liner from a store that sells gardening supplies, and place it in the Handy Bed, before adding the soil. Or, you can insert a piece of plastic (the thicker, the better) into your Handy Bed, and cut it so that it comes up the four inside walls of the bed, to be covered by the soil depth you desire. Tape the plastic in place, and, then, cut slits in all four corners for drainage, before adding the soil.

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