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  • Is the Handy Post a stand-alone post?
    No. The vertical post of all Handy Posts is designed to be installed, like a sleeve, over a 4" x 4" wooden post or a no-dig post assembly. After the vertical post is secured to the wooden post or no-dig assembly, the horizontal arm can be installed at whichever height you prefer. Note: The height of the Handy Post for 3, 3 XL and Solo cannot be adjusted.
  • How far above the ground should a wooden post extend for a Handy Post to be installed over it?
    The wooden post can extend as little as 12" above the ground and no higher than 52" (for models Handy Post, Double, Sign and for 4), and 42" (for models Solo, for 3 and 3 XL) to accommodate a Handy Post. The closer you get to 52" or 42" of wooden post showing prior to installing the vertical sleeve, the stronger the setup will be. By the way, if you are installing a new 4" x 4" x 72" post or a no-dig assembly, we recommend that at least 24" of it be in the ground and surround it with one bag of concrete mix.
  • Will I have to use cement at the base when I install a new 4x4 post?
    Yes. It is recommended to use one 40-60 lb bag of concrete mix in the hole and around the wooden post during installation. Be certain that the post is LEVEL on ALL sides before letting the concrete set up.
  • Is a mailbox included with the Handy Post?
    No. The mailbox is not included. The choice of mailbox is left to you. Our complete line of Handy Post models will accommodate a single or multiple mailboxes of ANY size. Don't forget your mailbox mounting plate!
  • Which mailbox sizes can be mounted on Handy Posts?
    All Handy Post arms are five inches wide and will support fifty to seventy-five pounds of weight when properly installed. A variety of sizes and styles of mailboxes can be mounted on the arms of Handy Posts. Our Solo model will accommodate any size mailbox that can secure to a mailbox post. Before you decide on a Handy Post, know the mailbox you want to support and read the descriptions and dimensions of each Handy Post style on this site. For guidance on mailboxes and sizes, see these resources offered by the US Postal Service: Customer Mail Receptacles Standard Mailboxes, Curbside (PDF)
  • How do I mount a mailbox onto my Handy Post arm?
    To mount a mailbox onto the arm, you will need to purchase either a wooden or plastic mounting plate, or a metal universal mounting bracket. You may find these items at hardware or home improvement stores. We usually recommend using a wooden plate. It costs less and serves as well as the others. The plate or bracket is secured to the Handy Post arm with screws. We recommend that you use drywall screws here because their coarser thread grips the vinyl better. Once the board or bracket is secured to the arm, you can attach the mailbox to it. SEE ALSO on this site - Installing your Handy Post and mailbox for maximum rigidity
  • Does the postal service issue any guidelines on how to install a roadside mailbox?
    Yes they do. And their guidelines can be easily met when you install a Handy Post. To see the guidelines that apply to your situation, see one of these resources: Mailbox Guidelines | United States Rural Mailbox Guidelines | Canada (PDF)

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