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  • Dimensions  The vertical post of the Handy Post for 3 measures 4" x 4" x 42." The horizontal arm measures 5" x 5" x 31." and is secured at 42" above the ground.

  • Best use  The Handy Post for 3 is designed to hold three small or medium sized mailboxes. It is not designed to hold three large or extra large mailboxes (see our 3XL). The 31" long by 5" wide arm can though easily accommodate two mailboxes of any size, if you so choose. Our Handy Post for 3 XL is designed to accommodate three large and extra large mailboxes, See information about the XL here under its own tab.

  • Installation  If your current mailbox or signpost is secured to a wooden 4x4 post, you can either modify your post or use it as-is to install the Handy Post for 3 over it. For the details of how this is done, see the Handy Post for 3 installation instructions (PDF).    

  • Warranty  The Handy Post for 3 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click this link to see the Cook Products Warranty (PDF).    

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