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Reviews and Photos

Collection of Customer Reviews and Submitted Photos

"My husband just installed this at our new home and we love it. Best looking mailbox post on the our street. Clean lines and easy installation"

"Great! Once the 4x4 post was installed and set the rest was an easy installation. Looks great, mailboxes are secure. Think the USPS carrier is happy too!"

"The post fit incredibly well and is very sturdy. The entire install (after installing the wood anchoring post) took less than 20 minutes. This is the best "custom" product that I've purchased through Home Depot. Highly recommend it!"
"Worth the money. Great material and looks awesome"

"Very nice setup."



Done in 15 minutes. Seriously easy to install and get the mailboxes mounted."

"Good product, great if you need 2 mailboxes. Installs very easily over pressure-treated 4x4 lumber. "

"I bought this kit for 5 mailboxes for a rental property. The finished product looks amazing. it really classes up the place. I added an address sign to the post. I am really happy with the finished product."


"Exactly as described.

Product is as described. It was very easy to install and it is pretty sturdy." 

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